A Time Flies Party on a budget

Our March Feature party is one I have been so excited to share, mum Sophie is a dear friend of mine and she is very talented. What I loved most about this party was that Sophie did it on a budget, she wanted it to be amazing but had to make sure she didn’t go crazy with spending. She did a lot of the DIY herself, making every little bit perfect.
I spoke to Sophie about her Time Flies party for her son Henry, a special first birthday milestone.

Who and what age was your party for?
The party was for my son Henry’s first birthday.

Why did you choose this theme?
I wanted something a little bit different, and I knew it would probably be the only time I could ever have full choice over his party theme. I decided on it when he was five months old actually by scrolling through Pinterest (of course!) and loved that it had a bit of a meaning behind it too (although a little cheesy!)

Tell us about your invitations, party food, cake and party favours, what did you do and did you use any vendors?

I always use etsy for invitations for any parties I’m planning and Henry’s birthday was no different. I found one I really liked through a seller called ‘Honey and Roses Press’ who were amazing and very fast to go through and changed the colours up a bit for me too. They sent me the PDF file and I got them printed at Copy Print in Riccarton – I’ve been using them for years and they have always done a fantastic job. I’m a bit of a sucker for ‘dressing’ invitations, so finished them off with a corrugated kraft plane and blue number one that I’d cut out and tied them up with some airmail bakers twine before sending them off, each in an airmail kraft envelope.
FullSizeRender (8)
I really wanted to keep this party on a budget as much as possible, without looking like I had. Thanks to planning his birthday party seven months in advance I had lots of time up my sleeve to figure out how to cut costs. We had some large off cuts of plywood we weren’t using at home so I painted these up myself to form the food table backdrop, photoboard and milestone chalkboard. Most of the party supplies were either my own or hired from The Little Carousel, and the rest I sourced from shops around Christchurch. I made my own cardboard plane bunting, propellers for the paper straws and tissue paper garlands as well.
 FullSizeRender (4)
The plywood airmail stripe back drop.
FullSizeRender (5)
A plywood hand painted milestone board, reusable too!
Sophie’s handmade aeroplane bunting.
FullSizeRender (7)
The handmade propellers for the straws. 
FullSizeRender (6)
Sophie also made her tassel garlands after not being able to find one in the particular colour she was after!
I’m terrible at making cakes so I was fortunate enough to have my sister in law make Henry’s gorgeous cake for us – I just popped some model planes and a cake topper from Love from Seventeen on top. The guests were a mix of ages, as with most first birthdays, so I really wanted to have a balance of ‘treat’ foods and healthier options for the younger children. I made marmite and cheese, and ham plane shaped sandwiches, a rainbow fruit platter, vege cups with hummus, capsicum and cucumber, sugar free berry mousse cups and raw cocoa and coconut slice. Chocolate eclairs, cheese and almond dreams, savouries, and a cheese platter filled up the rest of the table, topped off with a lolly jar of blue and red jet plane lollies.

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And lastly, can you offer a tip or any advice that you have learnt from planning this party that you could share with us?

I’m pleased I started planning this party in advance (although seven months ahead was a bit ridiculous even for me – first child excitement I think!) – it helped to have the theme I wanted in my mind so that if I came across anything I could just get it there and then, meaning that I wasn’t rushing around too much with a week to spare. I’m also really glad I hired our venue for the whole day – it was an extra cost but so worth it! The Burwood plunket rooms had everything we needed and a lot more space than we have at home – even swings and a huge sandpit, so it was a good way to get the kids outside, especially as it was such a hot day. Not having to rush to clean up or hurry people out the door before the next party came in was definitely worth the extra money – that venue does book out very fast though so it’s worth getting in months ahead!




For more details about the party see below:

Trestle tables, milk bottles, wooden crates, small vintage suitcase, blue mason jars, lolly jar, and drink dispensers all from The Little Carousel – www.thelittlecarousel.co.nz
Cake topper from Love from Seventeen https://www.lovefromseventeen.nz/
Venue – Burwood Plunket Rooms burwoodroomhire@hotmail.co.nz
Club Sandwiches from The Naked Baker http://www.thenakedbaker.co.nz/
We hope you love the details of this great party! Look forward to next month’s feature party.
-J x

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