No cost, no risk.
Free delivery & set up

Get a kiddie ride amusement ride to entertain kids and allow their parents to shop for longer!
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You keep 50% of all coins

A childrens coin-operated amusement ride can be themed to suit your business. Our kids amusement rides accept both $1 and $2 coins, allowing you to earn up to $700 per month of relatively passive income.

A risk free arrangement

All you do is plug them in and bank the money with 50% share of all coins collected.

Perfect for small children

Most rides have seating for two children, flashing lights, fun music and interactive sound buttons combined with a gentle rocking motion.

No commitment

Cancel anytime with one month notice.

Simple mechanisms

We will effect repairs within 48 hours, or quickly arrange a replacement ride - at NO COST to you.

Indoor / outdoor placement

The rides are comfortably mobile so they can be bought inside easily each evening to reduce the risk of damage.

Easy monthly revenue sharing

We will come occasionally to clear the coins with you, banking half the income to your account.

Enhance Customer Experience

We offer an extensive range of kiddie rides to suit your needs. Whether it ‘s a short term lease or a long term income share, Commercial or Corporate, we can provide a package that’s right for you.
  • Increased foot traffic and visibility.
  • A supplementary income stream.
  • A good behaviour reward for kids.
  • A distraction device that allows parents to focus on your products/services.

Our clients

We specialise in long-term kiddy ride partnerships with retail businesses around New Zealand. Our kiddie ride is a low-risk simple-operation way to liven up your premises and enhance their appeal to both children and their parents.


About us

Leaders in Kiddie Ride Games, We offer games for HIRE, SALE or REVENUE SHARE. The majority of our kids amusement rides are top quality childrens rides from the UK and Italy, most have seating for two children and combine gentle rocking motions, lively music, interactive sound buttons and flashing lights so that the children receive a truly imagination enhancing experience.