Christchurch Cake Makers Collective for your Child’s Party, Wedding or Event

The Little Carousel has been around since  early 2016, we were one of the first Children’s Party Styling and Hire businesses in Christchurch. We have had our fair share of cakes made in the last two years through a number of local cake makers.
We are so fortunate to have some of the most amazing talent in Christchurch, with so many cake makers around.
How can you be sure the one you are choosing is the right fit for you? Or is a recommended/reputable cake maker? Where do you event start by looking for the right cake maker?

That’s where we come in, this blog post will contain a collective of the best cake makers in Christchurch, as recommended by myself. This means, they are tried and true- to look good and taste good!
Each individual cake maker has their own special talent or niche, and I am so excited to share these with you!

You will also find that each cake maker that I have listed is a registered cake maker working out of a council registered kitchen. Their procedures and facilities are constantly monitored, meaning safe hygiene practises where your cakes and desserts are being prepared are paramount. This in turn, is reflected in the quality of their work as well as the pricing, their overheads are included meaning they can bring to you a product that is of high standard and aligned with legal practices.
I don’t know about you, but I am prepared to pay for quality, safety and trusted services!


Alright, let’s not beat around the bush…… Let’s get right to business…

First up we have:

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Rebecca is an absolute master of the kitchen. Her work is stunning, and tastes just as amazing. Rebecca can work with fondant, or a more natural look, and she loves to adorn her cakes with florals- especially her amazing “Sweet Blooms” which are her own edible flowers which can also be purchased in small little cartons for your own use.
Rebecca makes the most delicious and iconic cake donuts, delightfully decorated, as well as stamped or decorated cookies.
She also has a bit of a talent for hand-painted art on cakes on the odd special request, and has done some spectacular wedding cakes too!
To get in touch with Rebecca or check out her amazing work:





The Cake Eating Company

If you haven’t seen or heard of The Cake Eating Company, or tasted Jamie’s work, then it is a must!
Situated in a little store at 79 Buchan Street in Sydenham, Jamie has a talent like no other. Whether it is visually stunning wedding cakes, birthday cakes, little mini desserts, donut grams, donuts, cookies- Jamie is a caker extraordinaire. Jamie has a large focus on small batch production, with the best local and international ingredients for example: Belgian and French chocolates, Tongan vanilla and New Zealand berries.
If you have ever been lucky enough to stop in store or catch her at a wedding market, you would’ve tasted one of her delicious cake or dessert testers and been thoroughly impressed!
To get in touch with Jamie:





All Caked Up by Lisa
Lisa works from her home registered kitchen in Kaiapoi. She is a very busy and talented lady, creating the most gorgeous kids and adults cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake donuts, cakesicles to name just a few and now mini desserts as well. Lisa also makes cake jars which are such a hit and a wonderful gift for favours, teacher gifts or just a little pick me up.
Lisa is a bit of a talented queen in many areas and she is especially a bit of a whizz with fondant and can create the most wonderful looking cakes. They taste just as good!
She attends many local markets where you can see her delicious items on show to try.
To get in touch with Lisa, check out her details below.




Harpers House
Andi is a new on the caking scene of Christchurch starting up her little business mid way through 2018, and she has taken us by storm. Andi works with fresh ingredients, florals, naked cakes and the most bespoke little desserts you could ever imagine. You won’t see any fondant in her kitchen, and she prefers to make her colourings naturally without food colouring as well. She is fabulous at catering to dairy/gluten free desserts, and her cakes just look SO pretty.
You will see her at the Christchurch Farmers Market every Saturday morning, with her famous ginger crunch slice among many other delicious morsels, and she is usually a sell out!
Andi has whipped up a few edible dried flower sugar cookies, and custom edible flower lollipops for me as well before, is there anything she can’t do?!
To get in touch with Andi, or check out her amazing work:



The Pastel Room
Kate specialises in bespoke cakes and sweet treats and is well known for her delicious and stunning macarons, in fact I would go as far as calling her the Macaron Queen around here.
Her cakes are simply stunning and she has a bit of a knack for hand painting her cakes. You will also find her beautiful cakes adorned with florals to die for!
Kate also offers wedding cake testing boxes as well, perfect for those looking for their special cake for their big day!
To get in touch with Kate:



Kate’s Cakery

Kate is based out of her registered kitchen in Rolleston, with a purpose built cake kitchen for her work. She is a bit of a cake whizz, busy every weekend with wedding cakes and custom cakes. Kate can work with fondant, or a more natural buttercream look, even dabbling with gorgeous handpainting as well. She makes the most gorgeous cookies and cupcakes too. Kate really is a woman of many talents and her work speaks for itself.
To get in touch with Kate or check out her fab work:





Erin is a fabulous cake whizz based in Kaiapoi. She is a qualified craft baker with 15 years experience in the food industry. She has a lot of experience working with food allergies and really adaptable to work within a budget to bring your cake dreams to life. Catering to lots of various celebrations, and working in with fondant, Erin is also a super talented cookie designer.
To get in touch with Erin and check out her amazing work:




As you can see, we are absolutely spoilt for choice here in Canterbury. Each caker has their own special niche and I can vouch for each of these cakers myself.
If you are looking for cakes, treats, cookies, cupcakes, cakesicles, cake pops, cake jars, macarons- this blog post will have you completely sorted!


Happy planning, and please feel free to share the blog post if anyone else is searching!


-J xx









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