Adventure Awaits- A Wild Adventure themed Party

I came across Loralee’s Adventure Party on a Facebook group, and I loved every part of it! The monochrome colour scheme with the gorgeous details, every little idea captured, it was just perfect!

This Arrow Adventure party is our May Feature Party and here is what Loralee had to say:

This party was for my oldest son, Calen, who was turning 7. It was the 20th party I have organised for my children and nearly half have been boy themes so it is starting to get tricky. My sons love cars, but I needed a break so I wanted to try something different and loved the idea of a monochromatic slightly Scandi theme. Luckily he is such a sweet boy and let me choose!


The invitations for the party were made by Aimee Cardwell who always does my invites. I send through the details, colours and some ideas I like and without fail she returns with exactly what I’m after.



The Yay balloon, little deer, crates, fir branches and table cloth were all from Pop Roc Parties.

My husband and I got a sheet of plywood from Bunnings (for under $20) who cut it 1/3 down so it would fit in the car. Hubby used a jigsaw to cut the mountains and I taped off the tips and spray painted them.

I made the cake. The top tier was banana lolly cake and the bottom tier was banana cake as per my son’s request. The arrow topper was from Design at 409 and inspired the design of the cake.




I also made the food for the table. I just grabbed a variety of chocolates and nuts for the trail mix and little jars for take home gifts from The Warehouse. I simply coloured meringues orange and painted the inside of the piping bags with red food colouring to create the fire effect and popped them on chocolate wafer biscuits. The cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate icing and filling.





Each family took home a camp survival kit of food and camp items sourced from various shops. The items included chips, popcorn, a torch, a travel shovel, multi tool, hand warmers etc.


Can you offer a tip or any advice that you have learnt from planning this party that you could share with us?

I think that after this many parties I’m learning to make less food and ensure people use the party table food. Often I would create tea and dessert and the party table was left untouched so now I make sure it is used as part of the dessert. Make sure you think about the size of your table. I forgot, until after the party I had some neat decorations I’d put aside earlier but in reality they wouldn’t have fit. I also recommend you have a really good idea of what your theme is so when you are out and about you can pick up bits and pieces that may work.



Pop Roc Parties- Yay balloon, little deer, crates, fir branches and table cloth

Design at 409 for the cake topper

My Cake Kitchen for the cake. This is Loralee’s page on Facebook.

Aimee Cardwell for the invites (


Thanks so much for allowing us to share your party Calen (and Loralee!). What a gorgeous theme and fantastic ideas. 

-J x











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