A Colourful Art Party

You can only imagine my excitement when I saw these photos of local photographer Hannah Thorne’s amazing, colourful Art Party for her two year old daughter. The attention to detail was just perfect. 
I couldn’t wait to hear about her planning process with this party and here is what she said:

The party was to celebrate Hazel’s 2nd birthday – she loves art and is forever drawing and creating at home so we knew this would be a fun theme for her to create to her heart’s content! The rainbow theme started sneaking in too!


I got a little addicted to pinterest when I discovered it a few years ago (much more sane now!) and find it a huge resource of ideas and inspiration. I created a board for Hazels Art Party and started pinning away. For the invites I wanted something with rainbow fabric and also Hazel’s own artwork on there. After a bit of brainstorming I decided we’d do a paint palette shaped invite with “paint” blobs (fabric) on one side and Hazel’s art on the other side. So we had a lot of fun one day as she drew and drew on each invite to create it’s own individual art piece.



I let my inner unicorn go wild on the rainbow food! Rainbow palette cookies (Shortbread base recipe with mini M&Ms as the paint colours), Rainbow jelly pops – these were easy to do but just took a little patience waiting for each layer to set before pouring on the next. I separated each layer with a white layer (condensed milk with gelatin mix I learned about thanks to pinterest) and they really popped and were a lot of fun. There were rainbow fruit kebabs and rainbow rice paper parcels. The rice paper parcels were a little floppy and hilarious and as people were making their own it turned into lots of laughter! We ended up just eating the yummy fillings and leaving the soggy rice paper! The cupcakes came in wee paint palettes with a collection of rainbow lollies to decorate with. The older cousins made gorgeous creations and I think the younger ones just devoured the lollies 🙂








I followed a youtube link for making the cake – a rainbow (oh goodness that word is coming up a lot) layered cake with a fake paint brush (made from a very firm cookie covered in – you guessed it- rainbow chocolate).



Around our backyard we had art stations set up – a lego creation station (thanks to my husband’s Lego sorting skills there), rainbow playdough, a canvas with paintpens to draw a collaborative piece of art (that is now in Hazel’s room), bubbles paint (the simplest activity – just a couple of drops of colour in bubble mix and then blown onto paper creates fun bubble art), string art (a big piece of MDF with nails on a grid and string to create a pattern). My husband had spent heaps of time setting up an idea I had seen with balloons filled with paint and then stuck onto a canvas – the theory being you pop them with darts and the paint explodes onto the canvas…unfortunately it was a super hot day and the paint all dried onto the inside of the balloons and there was no exploding paint on the canvas. Still a lot of fun and laughter popping balloons with darts!






I had a made a lemonade stand for Hazel’s first birthday and it lives out in our garden so I prettied it up with some rainbow cartwheels and we had rainbow fabric “spilling” from a paint can as the table backdrop. At the end the young guest got to punch a hole through a crepe paper window to take home a bag with some art supplies in (washi tape, glitter, paper, etc). The present time was cute to watch – the delighted expressions and joy in all her favourite people blessing her! We’d given her a mini kitchen and everyone started playing with all the toys straight away. It was a day filled with laughter and art – much like the wee girl we were celebrating!





Some Tips and Advice from Hannah:

  • Use Pinterest as a resource but embrace the hilarious fails and the memory making flops!


  • Allow ideas to percolate – sometimes I get really focused on trying to make something that I’d seen. Allowing things to inspire me rather than dictate to me allowed creative ideas to follow and create something I really loved cause it was unique.


  • If in doubt just have rainbow as a subtheme!!! 😉


  • My children don’t have lollies or food colouring for 364 days of the year but once a year I embrace the fun! I initially tried doing a rainbow cake coloured with matcha tea, beetroot, blueberry freezedried powder,etc and it was a flop. I decided not to stress and just got the food colouring happening!



Vendors Used

As you can probably tell I like making a lot of my own things so in terms of vendors I would use:

Hannah Thorne Photography!!! (I love photographing my children and others too and this has turned into a great creative outlet for me)

Spotlight (material and cake supplies things)

The Warehouse ( crepe paper etc)




Thanks so much for sharing Hazel’s Party with us! I absolutely loved the attention to detail as well as all the DIY and craftiness, it looks like it was not only a lot of fun for you but also for Hazel and everyone else involved. The photos just shout happiness and laughter!


Jen xx



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